Seeing Light 5-14-2018

A projector shines a continuous light. At any point on the screen the light from the projector is the same, not moving not changing.

If you hold up your hand between the projector and the screen a silhouette of your hand will form on the screen. If you move your hand the image on the screen moves but the light stays steady unmoving. What appears as the moving image is where the light is less or blocked from reaching the screen. The light itself is only visible when it reflects off something else otherwise it goes on forever and is not seen

If the light is God then what is seen on the screen is where there is less God. The same can be related to things and people. We are visible because the light of God is blocked from its infinity path. Like the screen being in the path of the light we are in the path of God and we can be seen due to the blocked light of God that reflects off us.

Similarly we place our awareness or consciousness on an object and it lights up in our mind.   The infinity consciousness is concentrated on one object, thought, feeling, sensation or perception at a time.   Each can be a pointer to the limiting nature of the light of God and can expand back to a sense of greater light or greater God awareness.

Most of the time we become caught up in the place where the light is blocked

We see hear, feel or think it

As we walk our mind wanders

Hearing sounds may bring it back to open awareness

With awareness breathing in can expand our heart

Then with each step we our aware of walking on the earth

For me right now I have slowed down closer to now. Closer to having attention on what I am doing right now rather than thinking about what I may be doing later or what I have done earlier.

The unresolved issues that I woke up with this morning are still present but seem

light a bit less. They are distractions and created silhouettes that block a portion of the light from awareness. As I contemplate this spiritual illusion I have the opportunity to choose to see more of the silhouettes or move them off to the side and see more of the Light.


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