Being Here Now? 6-26-2018

Be Here Now after 45 plus years of seeping deeper and deeper into our conscious thoughts remains a continual spring-board towards the more ethereal realms of our awareness.

Be Here Now may be the pinnacle at the top of a broad foundation of body-mind-spirit.Earth in space

I invite you to continue reading for a deconstruction of this mysterious triad.

Here – Here —   right now for me is at my desk typing in a house in Boca Raton Florida. However, upon some reflection, even though I am not aware of the movement I am continually moving at about 1,000 mph along with the turning of the earth. It seems that here is relative to what ever is around me. And if I am here that also requires everything else to be a there where I am not. Actually in addition to the 1,000 mph of the earth spinning I am also moving in orbit around the sun at 66,000 mph. The sun is moving within the galaxy of the Milky Way.   The entire galaxy of the Milky way is also moving through space 420,000 mph. And add another movement that is beyond my understanding All of these movements can only be measured in relation to the other “things” that are also moving within an expanding Universe. So how fast are we actually moving relative to an imaginary still point? 2,725,000 mph.

So an imaginary Here, that seems pretty solid, is continually moving through an imaginary there. This is like watching water dissolving as you pour water into more water.

Now – Now —   is not any easier than Here. In order to talk or think about now we must include at least some amount of the past and future. A song that plays for 2 minutes has a beginning, an end, a middle and many notes in between. Each note has a beginning, an end, a middle and one or more beats in between. Each beat has a beginning, an end , a middle and cycles of vibration in between. Even the cycles can be deconstructed. Can you reduce that to the point where the beginning and end of a cycle has no middle? Would it exist?

The same compression of moments of time can be made until the “NOW” appears to disappear.

Be — To “Be” or not to be may not be the actual question. How can you be if there is no place to be and no time to be in?   And yet we know we are here, now, and we are. Or are we?

It appears we are more like a wave of time and space that occasionally lands long enough in one “place” to be what seems to be ourselves.

Be here now reminds us to spring away from the solid view of ourselves that makes up most of our day. To drop the pull of thought and emotions into the past and future that appear as movie scripts running continually through our minds. And to return and touch the mystery of flow of our awareness through time, space and Spirit.


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