Getting Higher

Draw a square

Draw a diagonal line from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner

Place a small circle in the triangular box of the upper right

And a small circle in the triangular box of the lower left

Draw a larger dotted circle around the square


Let everything in the upper right circle represent the light of the higher mind and everything in the lower left circle the light of the lower mind. The circle represents the non-dual God light.

I had not been inside Alladin’s closet for a while so I was excited to step in. Sure enough as I entered it had changed. One step in and I was facing a giant-sized mirror. Only the image in the mirror was not the front of my body. The image was a view of the inside of the light of my thought energies. It displayed a diagonal line running down from the upper left to the lower right. Reflected in the mirror I could see the thought waves that were flashing lights through each of the triangular halves of my body.

The thought lights on the left side below the diagonal line were all about the routine activities, thought and emotions that repeat from day-to-day. Brush my teeth, drive my car, cook a delicious meal, haircuts, banking working and resting. These thought lights represented the lower mind.

On the right side above the line were thought lights and emotions of helping others, expanded awareness, compassion, sunrises, sunsets and happiness.

I noticed that as I moved my glance up along the diagonal line the space on the left side decreased as the space on the right side increased. Also the thought lights were somewhat ordered in lower to higher vibration as the width at that level increased or decreased.

Then I noticed that each thought light or emotion had its counterpart on the other side of the diagonal line. As my lower mind thought take out the garbage the corresponding thought of the higher mind on the other side of the diagonal line was recycle and compost. There started to be two sides to every thought similar to the two sides to every issue in the news. So I was watching these thought lights coming and going in the mirror in Aladdin’s closet.

All of a sudden I was able to see through the mirror to an image of me acting out one of the thoughts.   My old habitual self had chosen what action to take without much thought about it. However, right here in front of me was an opportunity. What if I cold slow down before my habitual response kicks in and actually choose a path to follow and climb into my higher mind. I did just that. With the next thought that appeared in my lower mind I followed it going through the diagonal line to its counter part in my higher mind.

Once in the higher mind I could see there were many more thoughts of happiness than the occasional ones that came and went in the lower mind.

I stayed there watching for a while but soon too many old thought lights of the lower mind kicked in and I found myself back in the lower mind. Again I followed a thought from the lower mind across the diagonal back into the higher mind and it felt like being on vacation.

Then I saw it. A small pocket mirror and a note. The note said to take the pocket mirror and use it to follow my thoughts from lower to higher. It said when ever the mood struck or the inking that I could be happier I was to hold back my action for one second, breathe in and look in the mirror. It said I would be able to see the lower thought and walk along it across the diagonal and into my higher mind. I could then have the opportunity of free will to choose my next action.

Higher lower mind 2



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