The Universe From One End To The Other

Spiritual Illusions like optical illusions are captivating. Depending on your focus of attention different outcomes appear. Often they contain a fleeting “wow,” look at that, “buzz” when you first “get it.”

Spiritual Illusions is one of three legs of my blogs. The first is Secrets For A Happier Life. This blog describes down to earth routine events that can be utilized to obtain more happiness. The second blog is Spiritual Gravity. This blog focuses on descriptions and stories that emerge from my visits into Aladdin’s Closet where the dream state becomes reality. And the third is Spiritual Illusions. This blog is about the bewildering enigmatic shift of energy and awareness that occurs when you can see from one end of the Universe to the other.

Sit quietly and allow your eyes to soften and gently close. Rest your eye balls within your eye sockets and allow you muscles to soften and hang from your bones as they respond to the pull of earth gravity.

Imagine a set a nested dolls where there are multiple sizes with each one nestled within the next larger doll. Now shift your awareness to imagine your skin as the size of a nested doll. Create another doll of your self which fits within your skin. Now another and another getting smaller and smaller and smaller and again smaller.   Keep going beyond molecular size to atoms, quarks, leptons and until there is just a point of energy. Rest at that point of energy as the emptiness of the Universe with all points being the same.

Now go back to your skin size doll and create one a bit larger that you are nestled into and then again larger and larger and larger and larger. Continue until you are the size of the entire Universe and contain everything within you.

Notice that as your awareness goes from the “point view” to the “Universe size of you view” the routine boundary of your skin has been dissolved and forgotten. If you play with this illusion (see it from different angles) you will get a “wow.” A brief moment of Spiritual Illusion where your routine sense of self is lost and you get a glimpse of sensing the Universe from one end to the other.