Right Intention 6-3-2018

We are here and God is,     Everywhere.

Or we are this and God is,   That.

Spirituality is the crossing over or the path for going to the other shore.

It is the path from slavery to freedom. 

The driving force or the energy of spirituality is intention.

Just as many different motors can power a multiple of machines they all use electricity. Any thought or action or practice when applied with right intention moves along the spiritual path returning us closer to our personal center and closer to cleaving with God.

We do not have to go to the mountain or anywhere. Trying to change our environment without first having the right intention is like a person endlessly rowing a boat towards the horizon.

In reality the horizon is already under the boat.

As we move along the spiritual path we realize that cleaving with God, the horizon, already exists, here and now.


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