Heart of the Universe 7-5-2018

What if your heart were directly connected to the Heart of the Universe? And your heart directed all of the glands of your body.

The mind grows thoughts and the body grows sensations. What does the heart grow? Are emotions a combination of thoughts and sensations or are they sprouted and grown from the heart?

heart of the universe

We have so many words related to the heart directing our lives. Heart throb, heart-felt, heart’s love, heart’s desire, heart ache, heart attack and …. Why do we think the heart just pumps blood? Why not have chosen the liver to have all of the above attributes? We feel all of the emotions in the area of the heart; why is that?

Perhaps emotions are not merely a combination of thought and sensation but are grown from the heart. Just as a lighted candle radiates light and heat as one thing we could call heat/light; your heart can radiate emotions as one thing called thought/sensation. I like to call them thoughtsations. Just as the light and heat from the candle are joined all thoughts are joined with their respective sensations.

This ride goes in both directions. Thoughtsations created by outside circumstances flow back to the heart where they are absorbed and responded to with additional thoughtsations from the heart.

The circle continues.


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