Heart of the Universe 7-5-2018

What if your heart were directly connected to the Heart of the Universe? And your heart directed all of the glands of your body.

The mind grows thoughts and the body grows sensations. What does the heart grow? Are emotions a combination of thoughts and sensations or are they sprouted and grown from the heart?

heart of the universe

We have so many words related to the heart directing our lives. Heart throb, heart-felt, heart’s love, heart’s desire, heart ache, heart attack and …. Why do we think the heart just pumps blood? Why not have chosen the liver to have all of the above attributes? We feel all of the emotions in the area of the heart; why is that?

Perhaps emotions are not merely a combination of thought and sensation but are grown from the heart. Just as a lighted candle radiates light and heat as one thing we could call heat/light; your heart can radiate emotions as one thing called thought/sensation. I like to call them thoughtsations. Just as the light and heat from the candle are joined all thoughts are joined with their respective sensations.

This ride goes in both directions. Thoughtsations created by outside circumstances flow back to the heart where they are absorbed and responded to with additional thoughtsations from the heart.

The circle continues.

Being Here Now? 6-26-2018

Be Here Now after 45 plus years of seeping deeper and deeper into our conscious thoughts remains a continual spring-board towards the more ethereal realms of our awareness.

Be Here Now may be the pinnacle at the top of a broad foundation of body-mind-spirit.Earth in space

I invite you to continue reading for a deconstruction of this mysterious triad.

Here – Here —   right now for me is at my desk typing in a house in Boca Raton Florida. However, upon some reflection, even though I am not aware of the movement I am continually moving at about 1,000 mph along with the turning of the earth. It seems that here is relative to what ever is around me. And if I am here that also requires everything else to be a there where I am not. Actually in addition to the 1,000 mph of the earth spinning I am also moving in orbit around the sun at 66,000 mph. The sun is moving within the galaxy of the Milky Way.   The entire galaxy of the Milky way is also moving through space 420,000 mph. And add another movement that is beyond my understanding All of these movements can only be measured in relation to the other “things” that are also moving within an expanding Universe. So how fast are we actually moving relative to an imaginary still point? 2,725,000 mph.

So an imaginary Here, that seems pretty solid, is continually moving through an imaginary there. This is like watching water dissolving as you pour water into more water.

Now – Now —   is not any easier than Here. In order to talk or think about now we must include at least some amount of the past and future. A song that plays for 2 minutes has a beginning, an end, a middle and many notes in between. Each note has a beginning, an end, a middle and one or more beats in between. Each beat has a beginning, an end , a middle and cycles of vibration in between. Even the cycles can be deconstructed. Can you reduce that to the point where the beginning and end of a cycle has no middle? Would it exist?

The same compression of moments of time can be made until the “NOW” appears to disappear.

Be — To “Be” or not to be may not be the actual question. How can you be if there is no place to be and no time to be in?   And yet we know we are here, now, and we are. Or are we?

It appears we are more like a wave of time and space that occasionally lands long enough in one “place” to be what seems to be ourselves.

Be here now reminds us to spring away from the solid view of ourselves that makes up most of our day. To drop the pull of thought and emotions into the past and future that appear as movie scripts running continually through our minds. And to return and touch the mystery of flow of our awareness through time, space and Spirit.

Getting Higher

Draw a square

Draw a diagonal line from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner

Place a small circle in the triangular box of the upper right

And a small circle in the triangular box of the lower left

Draw a larger dotted circle around the square


Let everything in the upper right circle represent the light of the higher mind and everything in the lower left circle the light of the lower mind. The circle represents the non-dual God light.

I had not been inside Alladin’s closet for a while so I was excited to step in. Sure enough as I entered it had changed. One step in and I was facing a giant-sized mirror. Only the image in the mirror was not the front of my body. The image was a view of the inside of the light of my thought energies. It displayed a diagonal line running down from the upper left to the lower right. Reflected in the mirror I could see the thought waves that were flashing lights through each of the triangular halves of my body.

The thought lights on the left side below the diagonal line were all about the routine activities, thought and emotions that repeat from day-to-day. Brush my teeth, drive my car, cook a delicious meal, haircuts, banking working and resting. These thought lights represented the lower mind.

On the right side above the line were thought lights and emotions of helping others, expanded awareness, compassion, sunrises, sunsets and happiness.

I noticed that as I moved my glance up along the diagonal line the space on the left side decreased as the space on the right side increased. Also the thought lights were somewhat ordered in lower to higher vibration as the width at that level increased or decreased.

Then I noticed that each thought light or emotion had its counterpart on the other side of the diagonal line. As my lower mind thought take out the garbage the corresponding thought of the higher mind on the other side of the diagonal line was recycle and compost. There started to be two sides to every thought similar to the two sides to every issue in the news. So I was watching these thought lights coming and going in the mirror in Aladdin’s closet.

All of a sudden I was able to see through the mirror to an image of me acting out one of the thoughts.   My old habitual self had chosen what action to take without much thought about it. However, right here in front of me was an opportunity. What if I cold slow down before my habitual response kicks in and actually choose a path to follow and climb into my higher mind. I did just that. With the next thought that appeared in my lower mind I followed it going through the diagonal line to its counter part in my higher mind.

Once in the higher mind I could see there were many more thoughts of happiness than the occasional ones that came and went in the lower mind.

I stayed there watching for a while but soon too many old thought lights of the lower mind kicked in and I found myself back in the lower mind. Again I followed a thought from the lower mind across the diagonal back into the higher mind and it felt like being on vacation.

Then I saw it. A small pocket mirror and a note. The note said to take the pocket mirror and use it to follow my thoughts from lower to higher. It said when ever the mood struck or the inking that I could be happier I was to hold back my action for one second, breathe in and look in the mirror. It said I would be able to see the lower thought and walk along it across the diagonal and into my higher mind. I could then have the opportunity of free will to choose my next action.

Higher lower mind 2


Right Intention 6-3-2018

We are here and God is,     Everywhere.

Or we are this and God is,   That.

Spirituality is the crossing over or the path for going to the other shore.

It is the path from slavery to freedom. 

The driving force or the energy of spirituality is intention.

Just as many different motors can power a multiple of machines they all use electricity. Any thought or action or practice when applied with right intention moves along the spiritual path returning us closer to our personal center and closer to cleaving with God.

We do not have to go to the mountain or anywhere. Trying to change our environment without first having the right intention is like a person endlessly rowing a boat towards the horizon.

In reality the horizon is already under the boat.

As we move along the spiritual path we realize that cleaving with God, the horizon, already exists, here and now.

Seeing Light 5-14-2018

A projector shines a continuous light. At any point on the screen the light from the projector is the same, not moving not changing.

If you hold up your hand between the projector and the screen a silhouette of your hand will form on the screen. If you move your hand the image on the screen moves but the light stays steady unmoving. What appears as the moving image is where the light is less or blocked from reaching the screen. The light itself is only visible when it reflects off something else otherwise it goes on forever and is not seen

If the light is God then what is seen on the screen is where there is less God. The same can be related to things and people. We are visible because the light of God is blocked from its infinity path. Like the screen being in the path of the light we are in the path of God and we can be seen due to the blocked light of God that reflects off us.

Similarly we place our awareness or consciousness on an object and it lights up in our mind.   The infinity consciousness is concentrated on one object, thought, feeling, sensation or perception at a time.   Each can be a pointer to the limiting nature of the light of God and can expand back to a sense of greater light or greater God awareness.

Most of the time we become caught up in the place where the light is blocked

We see hear, feel or think it

As we walk our mind wanders

Hearing sounds may bring it back to open awareness

With awareness breathing in can expand our heart

Then with each step we our aware of walking on the earth

For me right now I have slowed down closer to now. Closer to having attention on what I am doing right now rather than thinking about what I may be doing later or what I have done earlier.

The unresolved issues that I woke up with this morning are still present but seem

light a bit less. They are distractions and created silhouettes that block a portion of the light from awareness. As I contemplate this spiritual illusion I have the opportunity to choose to see more of the silhouettes or move them off to the side and see more of the Light.

Interpretation of perception is reality 5-9-2018

Stop don’t move keep reading

Imagine looking in a mirror of yourself right now. The outer form you see and feel is made up of the formless. By adjusting the formless you can morph your way into any form you desire.

Recall the last time you were at a kids fair or drove by one of those inflated bouncing castles. The outer shell is supported by a continuous stream of air filling it with some distortion depending on the amount of air pressure at any moment. The formless air is shaped by and creates the shape of the castle. In a similar manner the formlessness of the ocean forms the individual waves. The silence and quiet of windless air when vibrated forms sound. The formless waves of energy forms planets, galaxies and us. The mystery of the void, Ayin, emptiness, Spirit, wonder and desire is continually becoming — into our sense of reality.

If you can right now close your eyes and focus on your breath. Imagine an image or a movie of someone in meditation. Notice the form they represent. As best as you can imagine what they look like? What are their thoughts? What are they feeling? With each breath you take, like the air filling the castle, morph your image, thoughts and feelings to match the ideal of the meditator you imagined. As you breathe in adjust your sitting posture to match that image. Adjust your thoughts and feelings to match as close as you can. Continue with each breath to create an ideal state of meditation.

Sit with this for a few moments. Enjoying the stillness, peace, quiet and calm.

As thoughts, concerns, plans or “reality” comes into your mind return to the image of the meditation and the castle or know that you can come back at any other time you choose and continue.

When you have time add this to the meditation of the image of an ideal meditator.

After a few minutes of the meditation bring to mind where you are. What is you physical location; state, city, house, room etc. Next notice what your body is feeling. The actual physical sensation of hot, cool, pressure, itch etc. Next what is your mood or tone ? And lastly how do you feel about the mood or tone you are in?

Notice that as you continue to breathe you are still filling yourself with the flow of mediation carried on the breath. Still filling the castle. Your perception of where you are, what you are feeling, your mood and how you feel about your mood are all being interpreted by you. The way you interpret your feelings and mood determines the reality that you believe. Reach back through the apparent form of this moment into the formless. Allow yourself to have a broader long-range view. If you are happy with your mood at this moment keep it. If you would rather it be different image yourself with the mood you would like. The spiritual illusion is that your interpretation of perception becomes your reality.  Let the formless flow along with your breath and morph into whatever form you desire.


Seeing above the clouds 5-6-2018

All things move alone at their own pace. There is also a resonance at each moment and a varying energy vibration at each place in the universe. This is similar to the temperature and wind movement in the air and water along the earth’s suface. Think about it. Nothing is precisly the same . Candle light flickers. Our breathing pattern changes. The temperature of the air around us goes up and down during the day and night.

The energy which surround us and of which we are a part of have the same shifting variations. When we become aware that the energy is shifting we can realign ourselves with the change and become more resonant and in balance. When we are in balance we are not using as much of our own energy to be functioal and therefore have more energy to expend as we choose.

Living in Florida we sometimes have storms that develop around us. Although the sky turns dark and the wind blows and pushes against us just above the clouds sunshine is shining brightly and a little higher above the clouds the wind has become still. The calm balanced resonant core of the universe is always there. This core is represented by the radiant sunlight which intersects our perception as clear blue skies and alive growing green earth delicately balanced and weightless within the vastness of space.

Within our bodies exists the same shifting flow of temperatures and presures along with movement of fluids and a host of chemicals all of which interact with our perception of what is occurring both inside and outside of us. However the same core of the universe is still present and available to become resonant with, just as the sunlight and calm air above the stormy clouds.

In mediation when the resistance to being resonant with the universe is dropped an expansion of space occurs. The immediate local factors that have been occupying my attention and awareness become transparent and I perceive the beauty of the sunlight and calm air. Aches and pains thoughts and worries many remain but there intensity is replaced by knowing they are like storm clouds that are merely covering the resonance.

The flow into resonance is a clearing of the small inside constricted feeling of me where awareness is limited to what I feel and think inside the space of my physical body. The expansion to resonance opens the walls of the bodies outer surface and I grow larger in what seems to be me. This seeming sense of me sees above the clouds to the beauty that is within and around everything. Imagine that you have lived inland and have never seen the ocean. You go on a trip and find your self at the edge of the sea on a clear blue sunlit morning. Looking out at the vast blue ocean and lighter blue sky with sunlight reflecting on the water you feel the beauty of the earth. After taking in a deep breath and relaxing even more into the feeling of the beauty that is there you close your eyes and take the beauty deep inside. What has happened is that the visual image of the ocean and sky and reflected sunlight has become a window to the beauty of the core of the universe. When you close you eyes the sense of beauty does not stop. Imagine another scene of a “beautiful” piece of art or a face, color or whatever you like. The underlying inside beauty is the same. It is only the outside surface that changes. So like the sunlight above the clouds the beauty of the core of the universe is always there and by allowing the surface constrictions we feel to drop away we can flow into the sense of beauty or calm or love.   Think the thought you would like to envelop like joy and allow it to intersect with the outside surface of your body and sense the feeling of being joyful. Drop the clouds feel the joy, even if for just a moment you know you can.